oil filling equipment automatic

Oil Filling Equipment Automatic

This series filling machine is a high -tech filling equipmentcontrolled by microcomputer PLC programmable,equip with photo electricity transduction and pneumatic action.

This machine is suitable for all kinds of viscous, non-viscous and corrosive liquids etc. It is widely used in plant oils, engine oils, chemical liquids, daily chemical liquids etc. This equipment is mechatronics. It is very convenient to replace bottle samples or liquids. unique design and superior performance. It meets all requirements of customers.

Siemens PLC control system, with control protection function, vacuum leak-proof device, to ensure no leaking situation during production, electric adjusting for volume system, frequency conversion control and photoelectric control with German TURCK brand.

Metering bu high-precision oval gear pump type flow meter,measurement accurate,structure simple ,operation convenient,high degree automatization,production speed fast.Can special ues for packing og high valve added material,such as cooking oil ,high grade wine,cosmetic,medicine,seasoning,honey,jam,machine oil,cleanser essence and so on .

Filling volume500-20000ml
Measurement precision+/- 0.5%
Applicable bottle diameter28-60mm
Applicable bottle height<50cm
Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Total power1.5kw
Control SystemPLC Touch Screen

This machine is controlled by PLC microcomputer, which is integrated with light, machine, electricity,sensor and pneumatic. The piston stroke of the injection cylinder is driven by a servor mtor,and the stroke positioning is accurate. When the filling volume is close to the bottle mouth, the speed and pressure are reduced, so as to prevent the material from splashing because of the large momentum. The machine has a high degree of automatic, easy adjustment, when the change of the specification or the correction of measurement can be achieved only by adjusting the display screen. It can be used for filling all kinds of viscous material such as vegetable oil, honey, sanitizer, alcohol, jam, syrup, preparation, suspending agent, oil and daily chemical industry.

Feeding conveyor:

1 easily to change the bottle shape
2. Rise the speed
3. Connect the bottle feeding part
4. Could add the bottle stopping device
5. Air conveyor for the plastic bottle, screw conveyor for the glass bottle

Filling parts

1. No bottle no filling
2. Same filling level of all the bottles, adjustable filling level
3.Filling precision ≤±2mm
4. Vacuum filling method
5. No dropping