lubricating mobil motor hydraulic car pump oil bottle filling production line machine

The full range of edible oil filling production lines contains more equipment, including: blowing - filling - light inspection - cover - gland - pressure ring – Spraying the code - labeling - out of the box - packing - Palletizing and other equipment.

1. Filling machine for customers different bottle type, barrel type, filling equipment sub-small packaging, packaging filling machine, according to the filling capacity of the general 5L and the following specifications for small packaging, 10L and above specifications for the packaging, 180 kg Around the standard barrel is generally known as large packaging, different specifications of the products have the corresponding filling equipment and programs.

2. Lifting style cover machine with automatic cover function, reduce labor intensity.

3. Crawler type capping machine is to rely on the upper and lower crawler extrusion to achieve automatic gland of the equipment.

4. Inkjet machine is to achieve the product of the common equipment, generally divided into ink and laser two ways.

5. Labeling machine according to the number of single barrels can be divided into single-sided and double-sided labeling machine, according to the label material can be divided into different adhesive labeling machine and cold glue labeling machine, according to different labeling For the linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine.

6. Out of the box - packing - sealing the general habit of called open the assembly line, you can automatically open the box back cover - automatic boxing - automatic sealing function, packing methods are common drop and crawl two Packing box, as well as mechanical boxing.

7. Palletizing If you are automating palletizing a common robotic palletizer and gantry palletizer.

Relate Machines:

According to the customer floor, bottle type, filling range and other specific requirements can also match the following equipment: folder bottle conveyor line, screw conveyor, vertical flap conveyor, vertical automatic box machine, pressure ring machine, automatic screw cap Machine, capping machine, plastic cap shrink machine, large characters inkjet machine, shrinking packaging machines and other related equipment.

1. Bottle conveyor line: you can blow the bottle automatically transported to the filling workshop, generally used in blowing and filling is not a floor of the situation.

2. Screw conveyor: the common points of non-power spiral and power screw, can achieve a small package of cartons and packaging of bare barrels of high floors to the low level of transport purposes.

3. Vertical conveyor: the role of similar to the screw conveyor, the finished product from the high floor to the low floor delivery (also low-level goods to the high-level transport), different from the screw conveyor, vertical conveyor more controllable.

4. Press the ring machine: the main function is to put the ring into the barrel, a semi-automatic and fully automatic distinction.

5. Locking machine: sub-semi-automatic and automatic, automatic can also supporting the hoist, often used in glass bottle metal anti-theft cover lock work.

6. Aluminum foil sealing machine: hand-held semi-automatic and assembly line with automatic aluminum foil sealing machine two, common in the cooking oil can be recycled in the barrel of the mouth of the mouth of the aluminum foil sealing.

7. Glue shrink machine: Apply to the outside of the cap of the plastic cap heat shrinkage work.

8. Large character inkjet machine: the main role is the finished product in the carton outside the code.

9. Shrink Packaging Machine: Common in the flexible packaging carton plastic film shrink film work.