liquid alcoholic cream linear filling machine, honey jar small bottle oil filler

The intelligent high viscosity filling machine is suitable for the packaging of liquid and high viscosity materials. The whole machine is in-line structure, adopting servo motor drive and volumetric metering filling principle to achieve high precision of filling dose. It adopts PLC control and touch human-machine interface, and the whole machine is convenient and intuitive to operate.

Quick Details

Warranty: 1 year, 12 month
Packaging Type: Case
Packaging Material: Wood
Type: Filling Machine
Condition: New
Application: Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware, Textiles
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Driven Type: Electric
Voltage: 380 V 50 hz 3phase
Dimension(L*W*H): 1800* 1000 *1800
Weight: 800 kg
Certification: CE
After-sales Service Provided: Online support, Video technical support, Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service
Name: 30ml bottle filling machine
Model: HIG-8
Filling material: SS306
Production Capacity: 2500 bph 100 ml
Filling volume: 50-1000 ml
Bottle type: PET glass bottle
Filling accuracy: 0.5%
Air pressure: 0.6~0.8 MPa

Feature :

1. Adopting PLC programming control, the servo motor drives a stable double screw drive mechanism to ensure high precision of piston movement stroke and accurate filling. The filling machine is not filled with the bottle, and the bottle is automatically suspended when the bottle is blocked, and the linkage function is realized with the rear device

2. The piston in the plunger cylinder can be separated from the cylinder to realize the cleaning of the materials in the cylinder. It is easy to use and is especially suitable for materials that frequently change materials or cannot be overnight. Replacing the seal does not require disassembly of the cylinder and is very convenient to maintain. (optional)

3. according to our engineer's experience, we have developed a stable and durable mechanical filling three-way valve. The three-way valve has the advantages of simple structure and reliable performance, and the biggest advantage is long service life and reliable sealing.

4. The pipeline is a food grade special hose or food grade steel hose, and the temperature is above 80 °C. Easy to clean and maintain.

5. no dead angle, no drip high viscosity filling head. The parts of the contact material are all made of SUS316

6. Install a residual drip collection tank controlled by an independent cylinder below the filling head to ensure that the material does not drip out of the bottle after the filling head is closed.

7. Optimized inlet and outlet program control mode, you can choose normal/fast mode. You only need to enable this function in the touch screen. When you enter the bottle mode quickly, you will enter the bottle at the same time. There is no delay between the entering and leaving the bottle. Waiting, can increase production efficiency by 25%.

8. Piston seals using the latest PTFE carburizing technology improve the wear resistance of the piston seals (life of more than 24 months) and suitability for materials.

9. The whole machine adopts high-quality SUS304 Taigang stainless steel frame, and the contact parts with materials are made of high quality stainless steel, which has good anti-corrosion effect.

10. Independent electrical box, the electrical layout is more reasonable and the maintenance is more convenient

11. The filling machine is not filled with bottle, and the bottle is automatically suspended when the bottle is not blocked. At the same time, the rear side is equipped with coordinated photoelectricity, and the downstream device realizes the linkage function.

12. The air pressure detecting device imported from Japan is used to detect the air pressure. When the air pressure is lower than the set value, the device alarms and automatically stops. The meter is easy to adjust and durable.