factory price oral liquid plastic ampoule automatic filling sealing machine

Liquid filling machine is suitable for bottle filling in pharmaceutical industry.The machine for automatic quantitative filling stoppering machine, mainly on the design adopts pneumatic linear motion way, using the programmable controller (PLC) and various detection sensor and the cylinder and time lag, the container stopped at a filling position, for filling is completed, will have been packing container release, at the same time will not fill the container to fill positions;Finished packing container location via conveyor belt conveyor to gasser stoppered, gasser and sent out again by the conveyor belt.So action, to achieve the effect of automatic filling barging.

Quick Details

Warranty: 1 year
Packaging Type: Bottles, Case
Packaging Material: Metal, Glass, Wood
Type: Filling Machine, Filling And Capping Production Line
Applicable Industries: Food & Beverage Factory, Pharmaceutical company
Condition: New
Application: Chemical, Medical, Beverage
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Driven Type: Electric
Voltage: 220V/380V; 50Hz
Dimension(L*W*H): 1980*1000*1600mm
Weight: 800KG
Certification: CE ISO
After-sales Service Provided: Online support, Video technical support
Key Selling Points: High Speed
Material of Machine: 304/316 Stainless Steel
Productivity: 150-200bottles/min
Bottle Size: 5-20ml
Vacuum: 0.04-0.08Mpa
Filling accuracy: ≤3%
Filling nozzles: 4/6/12

Bottle Section:

High quality 304 stainless steel bottle table with diameter of 600mm and round bar of polyacetal material.When the equipment is in operation, the friction coefficient between the bottom of the vial and the bottle table makes the vial bottle runs on the bottle and the bottle is smoother.

Tracking Filling Department:

Tracking filling tray is made of high quality POM material,stable bottle spacing during tracking process, filling needle without touching (plug) bottle mouth (bottle wall). The filling needle holder and the filling liquid level rise synchronously, and the filling needle can be greatly inserted into the inside of the bottle to buffer the splash of the liquid.

Peristaltic Filling Department:

Aluminum alloy casing, imported silicone tube, large torque stepping motor, load parameter setting in touch screen, easy to operate.

Kasai Department:

The Kaiser station consists of a vacuum pipe, a suction plug, and a star wheel. The vial after the filling is completed. Entering the star wheel track, the support block positions the vial, and drives the vial to gradually rise. The suction plate is in the upper part of the star wheel, and the plug is sucked into each of the suction teeth by vacuum, and the suction disk rotates synchronously with the star wheel. When it reaches a certain position, the suction tray is automatically deflated, and the stopper is added to the bottle mouth to complete the full stopper and the half stopper. Full and half-plug adjustment is convenient, and the hand wheel can be adjusted by adding the plug.

Rubber Plug Supply Part:

Consists of an oscillator and a rubber plug guide. The oscillator converts the disordered rubber plug into an orderly arrangement through an oscillating track and feeds the rubber plug into the suction plug disk. Height can be adjusted. The diameter of the 400mm oscillating bucket has a large amount of rubber plugs, stable vibration, and the outlet has a bottle-free stopper function.

Out Of The Bottle:

The outing station consists of the bottle tray and the star wheel. The equipment is equipped with the bottle tray.