automatic syrup bottling machine

Automatic Syrup Bottling Machine

This automatic maple syrup bottle filling machine adopts piston pump to do filling,by adjusting the position pump, it can fill all of the bottles in one filling machine, with quick speed and high precision and the speed can adjust according to your requirements.

The high speed syrup filling machine adopts the straight line type filling, multi head rotating cover mode, and the whole process runs smoothly and improves the output.

It's composed of a bottle conveyor belt, a positioning mechanism, a filling system, an outer cover finishing and conveying mechanism, an upper cover mechanism, an outer cover mechanism, a bottle out system, a rack, a RABS (restricted entry into the isolation system), and a control part. Under the unidirectional flow protection, it can be arranged through the turntable and the feeding bottle to finish the location of the disc body in turn. The cam drives the needle to move up and down, and the outer cover is arranged and transported, the upper cover is automatically lifted, the outer cover is tracked, and the bottle is finally completed.

  1. Suitable to filling and capping of 30-200ml Syrup Bottle
  2. Filling can be equipped with piston pump, stainless steel piston pump and ceramic pump for filling, with high precision and no downtime adjustment.
  3. Using the equal disks, the positioning is accurate and the transmission is stable. The cam leads the needle to track and fill, and the filling action is completed by the multi needle.
  4. The filling system, outer cover shock disk and other removable, convenient cleaning and disinfection, and assembly convenient.
  5. Automatic hanging cover, tracking the way of rotating cover, high qualified rate of rotary cap, strong adaptability.
  6. Adopt electromechanical integration technology, touch screen control panel, simple operation, various frequency speed control. Control required emends: no bottles without filling, no bottles without adding caps, no inner plug without adding outer caps.


1) Construction of the machine body: Whole filling machine produced by SUS304, materials touched parts are SS 316L, Measure up to GMP standards;

2) Select PLC control system, touch screen operation panel can save multi-groups of datas;

3) Adopt lifting filling, ensure no bobble;

4) Filling nozzles with anti-leaking function;

5) Easy to operate, no bottle no filling, auto orientation detection;

6) PLC controlled by: SIMENS (from Germany) or MITSUBISHI (from Japan)

Equipped with SUS304L long sepcial designed no-drip filing nozzles, which can protect the cylinder on the top being damaged by material.

SS304 of the machine frame. 5mm thick SUS316L piston pump. manufactured by Taiwan producer

With sensor in each SUS316L rotary valve and filling nozzle, if there is any problem in any nozzle, it shows in touch screen, its easy to be found.

Japan Fuji Servo motor control, easy to adjust the volume, just need input the volume needed in touch screen.