automatic plastic and glass bottle jar self adhesive sticker labelling machine

we offer double sides (up & down) sticker labeling machines.

fully automatic, user friendly, sticker (self-adhesive) labeling machine. suitable to apply accurate labels on double side (front & back) of flat/oval/square shaped products having pet, plastic, hdpe, ldpe, glass or any other surface.

the fully automatic double side sticker labeling machine incorporates latest sophisticated microprocessor controlled stepper motor drive, fiber optic label and container sensing system.

sticker labeling machines are 100% user friendly, virtually maintenance free and does not require data inputs for label size.


1) this labeling machine is suitable for square trays, round bottles, square bottles of one side, two sides and three sides; flat bottle of one or two sides. such as shampoo, body wash, edible oil, lube oil, abluent, eye drops bottles. wide scope of application and strong flexibility.

2) dynamic synchronous stretching force control the feeding of labels. steady, fast. ensure the feeding speed and precision.

3) bottles distributing mechanism adopts the synchronous foam rubber wheel driven by stepless. adjustable speed motor, any distance between the two bottles can be set.

4) correcting mechanism uses the synchronous chain,assure the correcting steady and accurate.

5) pressing mechanism uses screw to adjust, accurate action and wide adjustment, suitable for multi-sizes bottles.

6) labels synchronous orientation mechanism makes the error ±0.5mm

7) man machine operation interface, any troubles will be displayed and inducted to remove. simple operation, anyone can easily operate this machine.

8) multi-point urgency stop buttons installed, make it safe and all right in line use.labels peel off distance calculated by microcomputer, no need to adjust the photoelectric switch position.

Technical Parameter

Labeling Speed0-180bottles/min.(According to the bottle size and label size)
Labeling Precision±1mm(Except the error of the labeled object and labels)
Container's rangeL15-150 mm,W10-100 mm, H40-350 mm
Label sizeH10-120 mm, L15-150 mm
Max.Label Roll sizeOuter dia. 360 mm, Inner dia.76mm
Labels distance3-4 mm
Voltage supplyAC220V 50/60HZ(Single-phase)
Sticker Labels Data
Base paperuse 62g Glassive base paper, paper fine and close with good intension and transmittance
fastness and not easy to break easy to cut
Basic weight62g/ m² ±5%
base paper tensile strengthLength-way:25g/pcs, Crosswise:31g/pcs transparency:52%
Labels distance3-4mm±0.2mm
Distance between label and base paper2mm

Work flow:

Bottles distributing---Correcting---Pressing---Labeling---Reinforcing---Finish