automatic piston mustard oil filling machine manufacturers

This type of machine can be used for fixed amount small package filling, straight line type filling, metical, electric, apparatus control of all sorts of viscous and no viscous, erosive liquid, such as plant oil chemical, liquid, daily chemical industry. It is rather simple and rapid to change items, the design is quite distinct, the property is Very advantageous, its appearance corresponds to international concept for mechanical equipment.

How it works.

It is an extremely flexible filling capable of volumetrically filling low viscosity(thin) liquid to high viscosity(thick) liquid or creams with or without particulates. But it is better for filling pastes, creams, lotions, gels. Some example products our piston filling machinery can fill are: Heavy sauces, salsas, salad dressings, pasta sauses, peanut butter with or without particulates, nuts, jellies and jams, tooth paste, honey, wax, cosmetic creams, heavy shampoo, hair gels and conditioners, and paste cleaners.

It measures and delivers the product to the container by the action of a single piston for each filler head. On the intake stroke, the piston draws the product directly from the supply(holding) tank through the upper check-valve, and into the cylinder of the piston chamber or product cylinder. On the down stroke, the product flows through the lower check-valve, and the product is forced from the chamber through the valve and into the container.

1. This machine is suitable for filling aqueous solutions and cream products, particularly for high viscosity materials (such as cosmetics, seed coating agent, motor lubricating oil, suspending agent etc.) the effect is obvious.

2. Using PLC programmable control, with touch screen and man-machine interface system; automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, automatic send bottle out; driven by a servo motor, double screw drive, control the movement of the piston rod to ensure the stability of the filling, filling precision higher.

3. Used double liquid box and is provided with a filter plate, mechanical three-way easy to clean and replace the material more convenient. It can be with the capping machine, labeling machine supporting the formation of whole production line.

4. It integrates light, machine, electricity and gas into one body. Is an easy to operate.