automatic hand sanitiser alcohol detergent filling machine

This filling machine is a fully automatic equipment to fill various materials. It is generally connected with other automatic equipment in a filling production line. With the design of double individual filling nozzles and conveyors, this machine achieves fast and high accuracy filling.

This machine combines filling, conveying, controlling in one unit. By implementing PLC control system and touch screen operator, the production efficiency is high and output is displayed automatically. Bottle absence sensor parts is used to achieve "No bottle, No filling"

With the features of compact structure, friendly operation, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, freely adjustment of filling volume, high filling accuracy, this filling machine becomes a priority choice for the packaging industrial.

Key Features:

1) Material contact surface: SUS316L.

2) Main structure: Aluminum alloy. Frame: Transparent PC. Working platform: SUS304.

3) Servo driven system is used to control the filling volume and accuracy

4) Double filling lines work independently to increase production speed.

5) Use friendly PLC and HMI interface

6) Use double speed adjustable 1.8m PU conveyor, driven by frequency motor.

7) Use photoelectric control for bottle absence. No bottle, No filling.

8) Easy to disassemble the material contact parts for cleaning.

This is our newly developed filling machine. It has reached the international advanced level, partial has exceeded the similar product . It is abroad , also certified by the world famous chemical magnate . This is a inline piston filling machine for cream and liquid. It adopts PLC and touch screen control panel for control material. It is characterized by accurate measuring, advanced structure, stable operating, low noise, large adjusting range, fast filling speed . It is also suitable for the filling of easy volatilization, easy bubbly liquid strong corrosive liquid for rubber, plastic, and high viscosity, liquid, semi-liquid . Operators adjust and meter figure in the touch screen control panel , also can adjust metering of each filling head . The external surface of this machine is made of excellent stainless steel . Good appearance, applied to GMP standard.