automatic engine oil filling machine

This is an oil filling system mainly useful in filling plastic bottles, glass bottles and even metal containers. The applications of such a machine include the ability to fill several types of oil, like vegetable oil filling machine, edible oil filling machine, cooking oil filling machine, lubricant oil filling machine. In addition to that this machine has several good features including a no drip feature and the ability to make adjustments on they fly. It is a highly efficient machine with good performance that does not cost a lot to maintain.

The filling part of the machine realizes ft filling and slow filling through double cylinder. After the initial filling of the
cylinder, the double cylinder is converted to the stroke 1 and quickly converted to the stroke 2 for quick filling. After filling
to the ft filling set, the submergence cylinder rises to the barrel, and the double cylinder is converted to the stroke 1 to
continue the slow filling until the overall filling amount is set.

Our filling machine for Cooking Oil, Edible Oil, Vegetable Oil, Juices, Hair Oil, Hand Wash, Refined Oil, Mustard Oil, Groundnut Oil, Engine Oil, Motor Oil, Lubricants, Automotive Oils filling line, lube oil filling machine with Filling Heads Up to 24 Nozzle etc

Our oil filling machine having user friendly PLC controls with touch screen HMI with Individual fill head control to best suitable many industry Categories suitable like Edible oil filling machine, refined oil filling machine, mustard oil filling machine, cooking oil filler, oil filling machinery, motor oil filling machine, oil filling machine, HDPE can filling machine, can filling machine, Jerry can filling machine, vegetable oil filling machine, groundnut oil filling machine, machines for mustard oil filling ,engine oil filling machine, automotive oil filler, gear oil machine, coolant filling machine, lubricant filler, lubricating oil filling machine, gear pump filler, flow meter filler , This process allows our fillers to achieve a +/- 0.5% accuracy and repeatability.