automatic 5 litre piston oil bottle filling machine

Intellectual High Viscosity Filling Machine is the new-generation improved volumetric filling machine which is suitable for filling agrochemicals EC, SC and high viscosity material. The whole machine uses the in-line structure and it is driven by the servo motor. Volumetric filling principle can realize the high precision of filling. It is controlled by the PLC, human interface and easy operation. The machine is equipped with electric scale weight feedback system which makes the volume adjustment easier.


This machine is suitable for fluid 1 kg to 5 kg weigh filling, automatically count into the bottle, on-board weighing measuring, filling, conveying a bottle and a series of operations. Especially suitable for water, cooking oil and rapid quantitative filling of oil change, food, medicine, cosmetics and chemical industries such as the ideal packing machine.

Adopt high quality stainless steel material manufacturing. The machine safety, environmental protection, health, beauty, can adapt to various working environment.

The machine using programmable controller (PLC), touch screen, weighing instrument for control. The bucket change adjustment convenient, fast. Can be carried out in the touch screen and parameters setting, the school scale, filling quantity adjustment, memory function and parameters.

Filling head adopts double speed filling, filling with diving and vacuum suction function back, filling process is not dripping. Container with liquid level control, automatic feed pump. The machine frame is made of stainless steel frame of environmental protection, beautiful appearance.


1. Suitable for material: exposurer, sc, cream class contour viscosity materials. Accurate measurement: adopt servo control system, ensure the piston can always reaches constant position

2. Variable speed filling: in filling process, when close to target filling capacity can be applied to realize speed slow filling, prevent the liquid spill bottle mouth cause pollution

3. Convenient adjustment: replacement filling specifications only in touch screen can be changed in parameters, and all filling first change in position, fine-tuning dose it in touch screen adjustment

4.Adopt servo motor to descend

5. Selecting the international famous brand electrical components configuration. Mitsubishi Japan PLC computer, omron photoelectric, Taiwan is produced touch screen, ensure the quality of its outstanding with long-term performance.