84 disinfectant filling plant

84 Disinfectant Filling Plant

The machine is specially used for filling strong corrosive liquids and liquids such as cosmetics that can't contact the metal. The parts of the machine that contact the liquids are all made of nonmetal anticorrosive materials. It is designed with submersible filling function, featured by accurate measurement and no bubble and drooping during the filing. The filling nozzle can lifting and dive .


1. This machine is designed for corrosive liquid (hydrochloric acid) and its unique designed filling structure can effectively prevent corrosion and leakage.

2. Precisely control filling amount with millisecond time

3. No bottle, no filling; no leakage, high precision

4. To ensure filling speed and avoid foam during filling process, the filling head has been designed to unique adjustabel form.

5. Adopt volumetric piston pump, pneumatic control ss check valve to filling various kinds of liquid from light to medium heavy.

6. Whole machine designed and manufactured accordance to GMP regulation.

This machine is used for the automatic low viscosity liquid filling in 500ML-5L, with the bottle diameter 40-150mm, bottle height 80-370mm. Changing into different models without tools. Easy cleaning, water can be directly used for machine cleaning.

The machine is a full corrosion-protecting high-tech filler integrating in the PLC program control, photo electricity transuding and pneumatic. The machine is specially used in the liquid filling of strongly corrosion liquid and cosmetics which can't touch the metal. The equipment's all parts touching liquid are manufactured with the non-metallic corrosion protection material, and designed the descending filling function. Measurement accurate, there is not bubble and drool as filling.


1: Anti-corrosive, used for the filling of Strong Acid and Bases
2: Changing into different models without tools.
3: FESTO, SICK, SCHNEIDER allocations for stable working of the machine.
4: Easy cleaning, water can be directly used for machine cleaning.
5. Capacity: ≤4000 Bottles/hour (Filling 1L)
6. Applicable Bottle Size: Diameter: 40-100mm, Height: 80-230mm

It is specially used for high corrosive liquid, such as bleach liquid, 84 disinfection liquid, toilet clean fluid, Bleach liquid and so on. and also has a function of Dive filling. With features, such as precise filling volume, no drip, photoelectric detection, no filling when without bottle.

Equipment with bottle clamping device, ensure bottle in right filling position and avoid bottle dumping when filling.

Filling nozzles are with suck-back to function avoid leakage suitable for material like oil, syrup, and some other material with good fluidity.

Prefect inspect system with sensors and two block cylinder. Ensure no bottle no filling no enough bottle come to right position no filling.

Servo motor controls the position filling

Filling speed is faster and more stable

Easy to adjust the filling ranger on monitor

Also with minite adjust for filling range by screw