40-1000ml fully automatic digital control soap detergents capsule e liquid filling machine

The filling line mainly consists of two parts, filling and capping, with a total length of 6 meters. It can connect aluminum foil sealing machine, labeling machine and inkjet printer to form a higher production line of automation.Adopt liquid crystal touch screen operation interface, PLC programmable control system, adopt equal liquid level control filling time to realize filling with different measurement. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, universal size, and no bottle replacement, and can be adjusted when the bottle is changed. Widely used in oral liquid, disinfectant, juice, soy sauce, vinegar, pesticides, chemicals, detergents, lubricants and cosmetics and other liquid filling. Filling accurate metering, no bubbles, no drip. The utility model is suitable for filling various 40-1000ml bottles (including special-shaped bottles).

Quick Details

Warranty: 1 year
Packaging Type: Cans, Bottles
Packaging Material: Plastic
Type: Filling Machine
Condition: New
Application: Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Driven Type: Electric
Voltage: 380v50Hz
Dimension(L*W*H): 400*80*210CM
Weight: 260KG
Certification: CE
After-sales Service Provided: Online support, Overseas third-party support available
Name: full automatic liquid filling machine
Product name: farm chemical filling machine
Item: bottle liquid filling machine
Metering range: 40-1000ml
Filling accuracy: ±1%(>100ml)
Air pressure: 0.5-0.7mpa
Gas consumption: 200L/t,400L/t
Filling speed: 0-4800Bottles/hour
Filling material: Flowing Liquid


1. The machine is suitable for filling different specifications of containers, and can change the filling specifications in a few minutes.

2. Replace filling specifications, no need to add equipment, just need to make adjustments to complete.

3. Touch operation screen, can display the status of production, operating procedures, filling etc.

Main Fetures:

1. Filling adopts fixed flow channel parameters to control the filling time to achieve different metering filling.

2. The filling time can be accurate to 0.01, which can control the measurement error within ±1%, reduce unnecessary material loss and improve user economic benefits.

3. The metering of each filling head can be adjusted separately to achieve consistent filling and metering.

4. The machine sets the bottle counting program, no bottle, the counting is not in place, and the filling is started only when the number of bottles recorded by the counter matches the set number of filling bottles.

5, the amount of filling, you can make the initial adjustment to the required filling amount, and then fine-tuning, you can get the ideal filling measurement accuracy.